The following are reciprocal links to law groups that are known to our law firm. Burke, Meis & Associates Llc does not endorse these entities in any way, the links are provided as a general guide and service to people looking for legal counsel outside of our geographical or practice areas.

California Attorney Links

The Sigal Law Group Attorneys handle all types of criminal charges and offers an aggressive defense representation in court.

The Law Office of Paul S. Geller is committed to provide aggressive and uncompromising criminal DUI defense representation throughout Los Angeles.

Personal Injury Attorney – Law office of Gary Eto represents victims of negligence and personal injury. Firm focus is on auto accidents, tire defects, product liability, and gross negligence.

Colorado Attorney Links

Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney
H. Michael Steinberg is a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer with over 18 years experience in the courtrooms. Our firm is exclusively limited to trial and negotiation in criminal law matters. A former Career Senior District Attorney now working for you.

Florida Attorney Links

Law Offices of Randy Berman is a boutique law firm serving people charged with any crime in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

New York Attorney Links

The Law Office of Lisa J. Pelosi is committed to provide efficient and personalized legal representation for DUI Criminal Cases throughout New York.

Texas Attorney Links

John Eastland is a Palestine Texas DWI DUI Lawyer.

With 27 years DWI / DUI criminal defense trial experience in Texas, Eastland defends men and women in Palestine, Anderson County and all Texas Counties and cities.

Virginia Attorney Links

Brian Geno is an immigration and criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, Virginia.