Felony Levels: Ohio Felony Penalties

Ohio Felony Penalties are generally based on the level offense.

In Ohio, there are five levels of felony crimes ranging from F1 to F5, with a Level 1 felony such as a murder charge being the most serious and carrying the most serious penalties. Below is a chart of potential felony penalties.

Because of the serious potential penalties from a felony charges, protecting your rights with a Columbus criminal lawyer is essential.

Ohio Felony Penalties Chart


Ohio Sentencing

What kind of sentence could I receive?

Listed above are the general penalties for Ohio felonies under the current sentencing laws.  Remember, there are many ways these penalties can be increased or decreased based on each particular case.

There are many options a judge has for sentencing on an Ohio felony crime.  These options include prison time, money fines, probation, counseling, community service, and other options. Each case is different and no two defendants will face the same penalty.

An effective criminal defense attorney is important at this stage.  Mr. Burke will fight to have your case dismissed if possible. If your circumstances warrant a plea bargain, Mr. Burke will present all mitigating factors so that you receive the best possible sentence under the circumstances.

What is a sentence?

If a defendant is found guilty of a felony crime at trial or pleads guilty prior to trial, the judge determines the appropriate sentence, which is the penalty for the criminal conviction.  After the trial or plea, the defendant goes back to court with a criminal defense attorney for a sentencing hearing.

At the hearing, the prosecutor speaks on behalf of the State for the penalty the State suggests for the crime.  Then, the criminal defense attorney speaks on behalf of the defendant to attempt to “mitigate,” or lessen, the penalty, based on many factors.  For instance, the defendant may have had no prior offenses.  This would affect the level of penalty that is imposed.

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