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Federal Drug Conspiracy Penalties

Federal Drug Conspiracy Penalties

Federal Drug Conspiracy Penalties are the same penalties as the other offenses you are accused of conspiring to commit. Ref: 21 USC ยง 846.

Federal Drug Conspiracy Penalties

In other words, if you are charged with federal drug conspiracy you may face penalties for the total amount of drugs involved, not just the amount you personally handled.

Sentencing Limitations

However, federal sentencing laws generally require federal courts to limit your penalty. Your penalty should be limited to specific amounts or sales your were responsible for.

If you are charged with Federal Drug Conspiracy you likely also face drug trafficking charges. The penalties for drug trafficking usually match penalties for federal drug conspiracy.

However, federal trafficking charges usually include drug sales and drug quantities that you directly handled.

Federal Drug Conspiracy Penalties can include sales and quantities that you did not handle directly, but were still responsible for.

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