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Ohio Murder Charges


Columbus Murder Defense Attorney

Ohio murder charges (and aggravated murder charges) are the most serious criminal offenses that you can face.  A person convicted of murder faces the harshest penalties permissible by law, including the death penalty. If you or someone you know has been accused of murder, it is imperative to hire a good lawyer to help you handle the case. Call Attorney Adam Burke today at (614) 280-9122 for your free consultation.

Definition: Ohio Murder Charges

In Ohio, a person accused of murder must be suspected of:

  • Purposefully causing the death a person other than himself, or the unlawful termination of someone’s pregnancy
  • Causing the death of another during an attempt to commit a violent felony crime of the first or second degree (barring a few cases)
  • The second rule does not apply in cases where the person has already been convicted of a similar serious crime, or has a criminal record. 1

Ohio Aggravated Murder Charges

In the state of Ohio, aggravated murder can be:

  • An intentional, preplanned, and premeditated act designed to cause the death of another person, or the termination of another person’s pregnancy.
  • Causing the death of another person or unlawfully terminating another person’s pregnancy while committing, attempting to commit, or fleeing after committing crimes like kidnapping, rape, burglary, trespassing, etc.

It is also considered aggravated murder if someone under the age of 13 has been killed during the time of the commission of the offense, or someone is killed when a person in detention is breaking that detention, or a law enforcement officer has been purposefully killed by a person, and the person is aware that he is killing a law enforcement officer. 2

Penalties for Murder and Aggravated Murder

The penalties for murder and aggravated murder may include 15 years to life imprisonment, 30 years in jail, and death. The life imprisonment penalty may be without parole. The court may hand out fines starting at $15,000 and up to $25,000 in some cases. If a motor vehicle was used to commit the offense, the court may impose a class 2 suspension on the offender’s driver’s license. 3

What is the difference between Murder and Aggravated Murder?

Typically, cases which are less violent and which do not involve special circumstances are charged as murder. Aggravated murder may involve special circumstances. For example, heinous crimes other than murder may have been committed by the offender. Aggravated murder often has a premeditated element to it, “malice aforethought” (intent to kill), as compared to murder. Also, aggravated murder may involve the offender receiving a payment for performing the act of murder. 4

Attorney Adam Burke Llc— Columbus, OH Murder Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with murder in Columbus or any surrounding areas in Ohio, hiring an attorney is important. An attorney will fight for your rights and make every effort to help you present the best possible defense. An attorney will discuss the facts of your case and help you determine your options. Contact Attorney Adam Burke now for your free consultation at (614) 280-9122.

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