Ohio uses three blood alcohol tests to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC).

These three tests are:

  1. Blood Tests. (.08 limit).
  2. Breath Tests. (.08% limit).
  3. And Urine Tests. (.096% limit).

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Police pick the test.  You may request your own test.  You must find someone to test you. And you must pay for it.

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A private test may be useful in your defense. However, it will not effect your suspension. And it will not keep the police’s test out of court.

Breath Tests. Police usually give breath tests. A failed test is .08 or higher.

Most police stations have breath test machines.  Ohio treats breath tests as reliable.

However, one machine has had many problems. It’s called the Intoxilyzer 8000. Challenges have kept many breath tests out of court.

Blood Tests. Blood tests are the most accurate.  A failed test is .08% or higher.

In accident cases, hospital blood tests are common.  Police can force a repeat offender’s blood test. This force must be through “reasonable means.”

Urine Tests. Urine tests are not the most accurate. A failed test is .096% or higher.

A breath test doesn’t always end an officer’s suspicions. Police will often choose a urine test for suspected drug use.