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Letter to the San Francisco Police Department

I had some trouble expressing the outrage I felt over the arrest of a San Francisco attorney for advising her clients on their rights in court… you know the thing that she spent years getting educated, licensed and trained to do. What’s more amazing is that the San Francisco Police Department stands by the decision of Inspector Brian Stansbury to arrest her.

I decided the only way for me to respond was to email the SFPD (while channeling Yosemite Sam and Uncle Jesse from the Dukes of Hazard) at the addresses below:



Community Relations Unit
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street Room 440



Media Relations Unit
Hall of Justice
850 Bryant Street Room 549
San Francisco, CA 94103





January 31, 2015


Dear San Francisco Police Department:

I had to take up a minute of yur time to tip my hat to yur fine officers on arrestin that lawyer in court for advisin them clients of hers to keep they’re traps shut and not to smile for them police photos.

I’ma glad your standin strong behind that good old Inspector Brian Stansbury feller.

I always reckoned that them there constitutions and them other LAWS just plum got in the way of good LAW enforcement.

I’ma just glad to know I’m not by myself on this one.

I hope that none of them officer’s read out to that public defender nothin about her right to keep er trap shut. I’d just hate it for one of yur fine officers to get themselves into a pickle for hinderin up their own investigation or nothing like that.

I spose I reckon I ought’a help y’all out with a crime tip. I noticed that a lot of them rascal lawyers they’ve takin to tellin suspects they got rights up yonder in that there court house. Even tellin them suspects they ought not to help the police out when it comes to investigatin ‘em.

You ought’a be able to spot for yourself the worst of them there offenders, what with their habit of wearin black robes and sittin up high on them there benches. I reckon it’s gotta be some kinda gang affiliation.

Them there black-robed rascals, why they’re always fixin to tell suspects they ain’t gotta talk to the police, they can just clam up and shut their traps, tellin ‘em they’re better off fixin to get themselves a lawyer, and tellin ‘em if they open up their trap, why it could wind up bein turnt around on em later on yonder in court.

I’ve seen em do this in court so much I’d about reckon it’s some type of criminal enterprise like a conspiracy or some such thing.

I bet all them suspects goin to court and then gettin learnt on them rights of their’s has just gotta put a cotton pickin hog tie around your investigatin.

If you could start arrestin some of these black-robed critters up high on their bench, fur tuckering out your investigatin by telling folks about them rights of there’s, and all bout that there LAW, then I reckon we could make some real headway enforcing that there LAW in the first place.

Keep up that support of that Inspector Stansbury feller.

Yours truly,

Jesse Roscoe

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