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Traffic Defense Plan – Fight Your Traffic Ticket With a Low Monthly Payment

How our Traffic Defense Plan works:

  • Sign up for Traffic Defense Plan Retainer for $9.99 monthly, for unlimited Franklin County, Ohio minor misdemeanor traffic defense.
  • Count on Burke, Meis & Associates to defend your traffic case.
  • Already have a ticket? Great! This plan works for you.
  • Once you’re enrolled, make sure you alert us to your traffic case and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I already have a ticket?

  • Sign up today for $9.99 monthly plan and get started with one of our attorneys right away.
  • There is an 18-month commitment if you are already have already been cited with a traffic ticket.

Speeding and other traffic tickets can cost you:

  • Higher insurance premiums.
  • Your employment and earnings if you drive for a living.
  • Your valuable time.
  • Your drivers license or commercial drivers license (CDL) – Disqualification from driving.
  • BMV records keep track of points for two years.
  • Insurance companies raise rates based on BMV record.

Did you know that you have more options than simply paying your traffic citation?

  • Some courts offer traffic diversion that can lead to the dismissal of the case.
  • You have the presumption of innocence like any other defense.
  • Having an attorney represent you can lead to better outcome.
  • Your attorney can defend you without you necessarily having to appear in court.

1 Driver $9.99/mo. | 2 Drivers $15.99/mo. | 4 Drivers $27.99/mo.:

  • Unlimited minor misdemeanor traffic ticket defense in Franklin County, Ohio.
  • 33% credit towards any non-minor misdemeanor traffic and criminal charges in Franklin County, Ohio.
  • 33% credit towards any Ohio traffic and criminal charges outside of Franklin County, Ohio.
    24/7 Attorney and Legal Defense Services.

Unlimited Use:

  • Unlimited minor misdemeanor traffic defense in Franklin County, Ohio
  • 1 Driver covered for $9.99 monthly; 2 Drivers covered for $15.99 monthly; and 4 Drivers $27.99 monthly.
  • $500+ value.

33% credit towards other violations:

  • Service Credit good for all non-minor misdemeanor traffic or criminal violations in Franklin County, Ohio
  • Service Credit good for all traffic violations in surrounding counties.

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