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Ohio Shoplifting Crimes On the Rise in 2017

Shoplifting and other crimes of theft are on the rise in Ohio. Delaware County law enforcement officials recently released a statement on Facebook explaining that the number of thefts in 2017 had risen by 40 percent when compared to the number of thefts in 2016. Shoplifting offenses at the popular Tanger Outlets are reportedly the … Read more

Is it Rape if Both Of Us Were Drunk?

You wake up one morning in a strange bed in a strange home next to someone you kind of recognize. She wakes up and begins to panic. You had sex the night before. You vaguely remember but were so drunk last night that you’re having a hard time putting all of the pieces together. She … Read more

Consequences of Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence

Earlier this week a Franklin County woman was arrested for Operating a Vehicle Impaired (“OVI”) and child endangerment after she reportedly threw her four-year-old daughter out of moving vehicle’s window. According to bystanders, the woman “driving erratically” and obviously “impaired” as she yelled at the child, dangled her from the moving vehicle, and proceeded to … Read more

Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Ohio

Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Ohio On this page, are several motions to withdraw guilty pleas for different types of Ohio cases. DISCLAIMER:These motions are examples only and should not be construed as legal advise, nor have the cases cited been recently vetted for validity. Ohio Motion to Withdraw Guilty Plea After Intervention in … Read more

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