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Ore. Occupiers Grand Jury Legit or Bat Sh…

Calls for a common law grand jury. Armed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Burns, Oregon have recently called for a so called common law grand jury to investigate alleged violations of the United States Constitution by local officials in Oregon’s Haney County. Protesters allege that county officials, including a local judge, have failed … Read more

Peyote Peace Pipe: To toke, or not to toke…

As a Columbus, Ohio criminal lawyer, clients routinely ask me some unusual questions. Recently, a client contacted me with an interesting one. He wanted to smoke sacramental peyote but wondered if he legally could. Sacramental peyote is an ancient tradition of some American Indian tribes that involves ingesting peyote which the United States Government and most states … Read more

Ohio Drug Charges

Ohio drug charges prosecutions, both for trafficking and possession have increased considerably in recent years. The State of Ohio has implemented stern drug trafficking laws to prevent the illegal creation, possession, consumption, and trafficking of drugs. A person who is suspected or convicted of such serious drug offenses faces severe sanctions courtesy of Ohio lawmakers. … Read more

Ohio Criminal Record Expungements

Clearing Your Criminal Record, Ohio Criminal Record Expungements Working with a Columbus criminal attorney, it may be possible for you to clear your record. Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2953.32: If you’re an eligible offender you may be eligible for an Ohio Criminal Record Expungement. An eligible offender for expungement, generally means that you may … Read more

Ohio Domestic Violence Laws | Reluctant Witnesses

Ohio Domestic Violence Laws: Witnesses We’ve heard much in the news about the tragedy of domestic violence. This includes the relatively rare situation in which a person is actually killed by a stalker. Because of the public attention brought by these stories and broader public awareness, the government has developed a number of policies intended … Read more

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