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Ohio Criminal Record Expungements

Clearing Your Criminal Record, Ohio Criminal Record Expungements

Working with a Columbus criminal attorney, it may be possible for you to clear your record. In Ohio, what is commonly referred to as an expungment is an order from the Court sealing the public record of a case and ordering law enforcement agencies to remove the records from their databases.

If your case was dismissed or you were found not guilty, your case, including the public record of the dismissed or acquitted case, may be sealed immediately. See Ohio Revised Code Section 2953.52.

Certain convictions may also be expunged.

Under Ohio Revised Code Section 2953.32 , if you’re an eligible offender you may be eligible for an Ohio Criminal Record Expungement.

An eligible offender for expungement, generally means that you may now have one or more non-violent, non-sex offense convictions expunged. Up to five (5) felony convictions and unlimited misdemeanors may be expunged.

This is also subject to certain exceptions for example: offenses of violence, traffic offenses, and second degree or higher felonies may not be expunged.

After the final discharge of a case (meaning after the end of probation and the payment of any fines and costs), you are eligible for an Ohio Criminal Record Expungement  after one (1) year  for a misdemeanor conviction (or bail/bond forfeiture), after three (3) years for one (1) felony conviction, after four (4) years for  up to two (2) felony convictions, or after (5) years years for up to (5) felony convictions.

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