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Ohio Domestic Violence Laws | Reluctant Witnesses

Ohio Domestic Violence Laws: Witnesses

We’ve heard much in the news about the tragedy of domestic violence. This includes the relatively rare situation in which a person is actually killed by a stalker.

Because of the public attention brought by these stories and broader public awareness, the government has developed a number of policies intended to protect victims of domestic violence.

One of these policies includes disregarding the wishes and statements of the alleged victims of domestic violence.  The reasoning is well-intentioned.  Many victims of domestic violence contact law enforcement initially, but later regret the decision.

Ohio domestic violence laws generally require witnesses testimony.  Domestic violence investigations tend to turn into “he said, she said” cases. Because victims of domestic violence are often reluctance witnesses, the government has developed an aggressive approach to domestic violence victims.

Often this approach includes disregarding the requests of alleged victims to drop criminal charges.  This also includes ignoring denials, inconsistent and recanted statements of the accuser.

Because of the sensitive issues surrounding domestic violence cases it is important to work with an attorney that understands these unique circumstances.

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